Natalia Nikolaenko
Natalia Nikolaenko
Natalia Nikolaenko
Natalia Nikolaenko

For instant understanding

As your interpreter I will accompany you to meetings, presentations, negotiations, GMP audits or inspections with regulatory authorities and other occasions. I will ensure that you understand and are understood with the intended effect.

People generally assume they will somehow manage to understand each other in a personal encounter. In these situations, English is often used as the lingua franca. Experience, though, has shown that use of the native tongue is essential for effective communication. A professional and experienced interpreter who is perfectly competent in the source language and the target language, as well as in both cultures, ensures that the other party can follow you and understands you all the way to the finest nuances.

Modes of interpreting

Consecutive: Delayed, with the interpreter noting down moderately long passages spoken by the speaker and then interpreting these into the target language afterwards; suited for business negotiations, scientific lectures, presentations, meetings

Simultaneous: The processes of understanding and interpreting take place at the same time as speech production. This mode of interpreting requires special technical equipment; suited for conferences, live broadcasts, workshops

Community Interpreting: A new mode of interpreting, can be either consecutive or simultaneous; for persons who are unable to find their way around in a foreign culture; the interpreter accompanies them e.g. on visits to the authorities, to the doctor's, on shopping trips and advises them on request

Chuchotage or whispered interpreting: Predominantly simultaneous; only for small groups e.g. during a conference, presentation

Working languages

German - Russian
Russian - German
English - Russian

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