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Natalia Nikolaenko
Natalia Nikolaenko
Natalia Nikolaenko
Natalia Nikolaenko

When working with languages, one needs to bear the following principles in mind: Quality, flexibility, friendliness, reliability

Quality means quality assurance and consists of the following components:

The "native speaker principle"
Special value is placed on having translators who translate into their native language.

Maximum quality can only be achieved with dedicated specialization in specific fields. In our case, these include technology and engineering, particularly technical documentation, the natural sciences, biotechnology, as well as medical technology and analytics, all of which we guarantee prime quality for. Another of our strengths lies in our closely knit network of specialized translators and specialists in the fields who support one another and work together to find the perfect solution in each case.

The "four eyes" principle
Once the translation has been completed, it is checked by an independent linguist with comparable qualifications to those of the translator. This procedure known as the "four eyes" principle forms part of quality assurance. It goes without saying that revision is carried out by a translator who is a native speaker of the target language.

Continuing education
Regular continuing education by attending courses offered by professional translators' associations and specialist organizations, plus keeping up to date by reading the relevant literature, help us maintain state-of-the art know-how and skills.

Glossaries and databases
Glossaries and terminology maintenance are also very important aspects of quality assurance. This is the only way to ensure that the translations for a one particular customer in a particular field can be translated or interpreted consistently and competently. If the client provides glossaries, of course, the desired terminology is used in the translation.

Flexibility means that both the delivery deadline and the price must be determined individually for each order. Please feel free to give us your suggestions to help us optimize our customer service at any time!

Friendliness is paramount at Tetrapod Translations' and translates into personal, efficient and friendly service for our clients.

Reliability means that client relationships are marked by fairness and conscientiousness. It is common knowledge that translation is a matter of trust – you can trust us!

Translators are bound to secrecy. We observe discretion and confidentiality when handling documents and information. We will also be glad to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon request.