Tetrapod Translations has carried out the following projects to their clients' utmost satisfaction:

slide1The pharmaceutical manufacturing and research industry

- Translation of patent applications for PCT nationalizations and validations of European patents (EPO);

- Translation of clinical studies protocols, contracts, SOPs, training materials, subtitles for training videos;

- Interpreting Geman/English - Russian on site for GMP audits and inspections with regulatory authorities and other occasions.

Renowned patent attorney offices in Germany (Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Erlangen) and in the USA

Patent translations for PCT nationalizations and validations of European patents (EPO), translations of office actions

Multi billion global technology leader in diversified power management solutions in space and flight technique

Specialized translations, negotiation/liaison interpreting, interpreting for international German-Russian workshops

Other projects:

  • Project management for multilingual translation projects, recruiting suitable translators and managing translator teams
  • Translations and editing of specialized texts in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medicine and medical technology, German/English-Russian and Russian-German

  • Official Interpreting at the Patent Ofices
  • Translations and editing of users manuals for bicycles, German-Russian

  • Translations of manuals and instructions for use for large-scale plants (e.g. conveyor systems), English-Russian

  • Consecutive interpreting and escort interpreting for diverse business clients in Munich, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Salzburg, Innsbruck and other cities, German-Russian-German

  • Translations of illustrated books, editing and processing for printing: English-Russian and German-Russian

  • Simultaneous interpreting at specialized trade fairs, Russian-German-Russian

  • Translations of websites, advertising materials, product information and flyers into Russian, press translations, foreign language communication

  • Productions of audio books, diverse audio recordings in Russian

  • Certified (sworn) translations of documents

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