About me

Please allow me to introduce myself …

PortraitMy name is Natalia Nikolaenko and I am a native Russian speaker. I received my degree in Spanish and Russian from the Humboldt University in Berlin. Upon successful completion of the state exam for translators in the German state of Bavaria, I became a Sworn Translator for Russian at the regional court of Munich.

My expertise with the English language has been confirmed by an exam process overseen by the US-based American Translators Association (ATA). I have been an ATA-certified translator for the English-to-Russian language direction for some time now.

The translation and interpretation profession entails a great deal of continuing education that forms a solid basis for experiencing professional growth, acquiring technical knowledge and developing professionalism. For me personally, I view these seminars, webinars and technical conferences as opportunities to stay up to date on new trends, technological progress and innovation in both my profession but also the client’s technical domain.

In 2006, I founded Tetrapod Translations in the town of Tutzing, near Munich. This was the beginning of pursuing my passion in working with languages and successfully collaborating with clients I'm supporting for many years.

What distinguishes my work? Precision and a great attention to detail.