The profession of translator

"Translator", "Interpreter": Neither title is legally protected in Germany. Basically anyone who is fluent in at least two languages and doesn't necessarily have any special training can call themselves a translator and offer their services accordingly. One should beware of "recreational translators" of this kind who generally quote very tempting prices.

Translation or interpreting is a matter of trust, so that if you entrust an incompetent "recreational translator" who doesn't master the proper terminology and isn't familiar with the target culture with your reputation and good standing, these are in jeopardy. You won't be understood properly in the target culture, or – what may be even worse – you may be misunderstood.

Always make sure that the translator has appropriate training, and further qualifications perhaps such as a state examination, or is generally sworn and certified, etc. Do they have a special focus or do they work in all fields? A translator or interpreter can only have in-depth know-how and expertise if they offer a limited number of specializations.