Guideline for clients

I would like to discuss a few essential points that will contribute to making our business relationship more rewarding for both parties.
When you contact us, we - the translators and interpreters - will need the following important information first off:
- Do you or your organization need a written translation i.e. do you need written material translated into a foreign language, or do you need an interpreter e.g. for negotiations?


Translations (written transcription)

What is the subject matter of the text and how long is it in pages, lines or words?

By when do you need the translation?
Please make sure to allow sufficient time! Quality depends on multiple factors, so that haste must be avoided in all cases. Exceedingly tight deadlines can lead to additional costs of up to 50%.

When can you send us the original document?
We can only provide you with a quotation after we have seen the source text.

What kind of format does the source have?
Common formats like Word, Excel, TXT or similar work best for translators. If you only have a PDF file available, we may need to convert it. This requires extra time and is subject to an extra fee.

Interpreting (oral transcription)

What kind of event do you need the interpreting for and when? What field will it deal with?

And how long will the interpreter be needed for?

Should the interpretation be simultaneous (speak at the same time as the speaker) or consecutive (delayed)?

Do you have appropriate technology for simultaneous interpreting available on site?

Would you like to find out more? Please feel free to contact us: We'll be glad to advise you.
Thank you very much for your attention! We look forward to a mutually rewarding business relationship!